NEWS for Ruby 1.9.3

This document is a list of user visible feature changes made between releases except for bug fixes.

Note that each entry is kept so brief that no reason behind or reference information is supplied with. For a full list of changes with all sufficient information, see the ChangeLog file.

Changes since the 1.9.2 release


  • Ruby's License is changed from a dual license with GPLv2 to a dual license with 2-clause BSDL.

Known platform dependent issues

OS X Lion

  • You have to configure ruby with '–with-gcc=gcc-4.2' if you're using Xcode 4.1, or, if you're using Xcode 4.2, you have to configure ruby with '–with-gcc=clang'.

C API updates

  • rb_scan_args() is enhanced with support for option hash argument extraction.

  • ruby_vm_at_exit() added. This enables extension libs to hook a VM termination.

  • rb_reserved_fd_p() added. If you want to close all file descriptors, check using this API. [ruby-core:37759]

Library updates (outstanding ones only)

Language changes

  • Regexps now support Unicode 6.0. (new characters and scripts)

  • experimental

    Regexps now support Age property.

    Unlike Perl, current implementation takes interpretation of the interpretation of UTS #18.

  • Turning on/off indentation warnings with directives. (“# -*- warn-indent: true -*-” / “# -*- warn-indent: false -*-”)

Compatibility issues (excluding feature bug fixes)

* Rational#to_d

  See above.