NEWS for Ruby 1.9.2

This document is a list of user visible feature changes made between releases except for bug fixes.

Note that each entry is kept so brief that no reason behind or reference information is supplied with. For a full list of changes with all sufficient information, see the ChangeLog file.

Changes since the 1.9.1 release

Library updates (outstanding ones only)

Language changes

  • Regexp properties (p{}) names now ignore underscores, spaces, and case, so p{ol chiki} is the same as p{Ol_Chiki}

  • Regexps now support Unicode 5.2 (new characters and scripts)

  • d, s, and w are now ASCII only; use POSIX bracket classes and p{} for Unicode semantics

  • $: no longer includes the current directory, use require_relative

  • Symbol with an invalid encoding is forbidden to exist.

Compilation options

  • –program-prefix and –program-suffix no longer act on the shared object names nor paths to libraries.

    use –with-rubylibprefix='${libruby}/${RUBY_INSTALL_NAME}' and –with-soname='${RUBY_INSTALL_NAME}' for the same result as Ruby 1.9.1.

  • –with-arch is added for universal binary, instead of –enable-fat-binary option.

Compatibility issues (excluding feature bug fixes)

* Enumerator#rewind
* Socket#recvfrom
* Socket#recvfrom_nonblock
* Socket#accept
* Socket#accept_nonblock
* Socket#sysaccept
* BasicSocket#getsockopt
* Time.utc
* Time.local
* Time.mktime
* Time.parse
* --program-prefix and --program-suffix
* --enable-fat-binary
* $:

  See above.

* Digest::HMAC

  Deprecated.  See above.