# # irb/lc/help-message.rb - # $Release Version: 0.9.5$ # $Revision$ # $Date$ # by Keiju ISHITSUKA(keiju@ruby-lang.org) # # – # #

# Usage: irb.rb [options] [programfile] [arguments]

-f                Suppress read of ~/.irbrc
-m                Bc mode (load mathn, fraction or matrix are available)
-d                Set $DEBUG to true (same as `ruby -d')
-r load-module    Same as `ruby -r'
-I path           Specify $LOAD_PATH directory
--inspect         Use `inspect' for output (default except for bc mode)
--noinspect       Don't use inspect for output
--readline        Use Readline extension module
--noreadline      Don't use Readline extension module
--prompt prompt-mode
--prompt-mode prompt-mode
                  Switch prompt mode. Pre-defined prompt modes are
                  `default', `simple', `xmp' and `inf-ruby'
--inf-ruby-mode   Use prompt appropriate for inf-ruby-mode on emacs.
                  Suppresses --readline.
--simple-prompt   Simple prompt mode
--noprompt        No prompt mode
--tracer          Display trace for each execution of commands.
--back-trace-limit n
                  Display backtrace top n and tail n. The default
                  value is 16.
--irb_debug n     Set internal debug level to n (not for popular use)
-v, --version     Print the version of irb