Class Public methods
register(type_name, klass = nil, **options, &block)

Add a new type to the registry, allowing it to be referenced as a symbol by ActiveModel::Attributes::ClassMethods#attribute. If your type is only meant to be used with a specific database adapter, you can do so by passing +adapter: :postgresql+. If your type has the same name as a native type for the current adapter, an exception will be raised unless you specify an :override option. +override: true+ will cause your type to be used instead of the native type. +override: false+ will cause the native type to be used over yours if one exists.

# File activemodel/lib/active_model/type.rb, line 37
def register(type_name, klass = nil, **options, &block)
  registry.register(type_name, klass, **options, &block)