• Escape format, negative_format and units options of number helpers

    Fixes: CVE-2014-0081

Rails 4.0.2 (December 02, 2013)

  • Ensure simple_format escapes its html attributes. This fixes CVE-2013-6416

  • Deep Munge the parameters for GET and POST Fixes CVE-2013-6417

  • Stop using i18n's built in HTML error handling. Fixes: CVE-2013-4491

  • Escape the unit value provided to number_to_currency Fixes CVE-2013-6415

  • Only use valid mime type symbols as cache keys CVE-2013-6414

Rails 4.0.1 (November 01, 2013)

  • Respect SCRIPT_NAMEwhen using redirectwith a relative path

    Example: # application routes.rb mount BlogEngine => '/blog'

    # engine routes.rb
    get '/admin' => redirect('admin/dashboard')

    This now redirects to the path /blog/admin/dashboard, whereas before it would've generated an invalid url because there would be no slash between the host name and the path. It also allows redirects to work where the application is deployed to a subdirectory of a website.

    Fixes #7977.

    Andrew White

  • Fix ActionDispatch::RemoteIp::GetIp#calculate_ipto only check for spoofing attacks if both HTTP_CLIENT_IPand HTTP_X_FORWARDED_FORare set.

    Fixes #10844.

    Tamir Duberstein

  • Strong parameters should permit nested number as key.

    Fixes #12293.


  • Fix collection_check_boxesgenerated hidden input to use the name attribute provided in the options hash.

    Angel N. Sciortino

  • Fix some edge cases for AV selecthelper with :selectedoption

    Bogdan Gusiev

  • Handle :namespaceform option in collection labels

    Vasiliy Ermolovich

  • Fix an issue where router can't recognize downcased url encoding path.

    Fixes #12269.


  • Fix custom flash type definition. Misusage of the _flash_types class variable caused an error when reloading controllers with custom flash types.

    Fixes #12057.

    Ricardo de Cillo

  • Do not break params filtering on nilvalues.

    Fixes #12149.

    Vasiliy Ermolovich

  • Fix excerptwhen :separatoris nil.

    Paul Nikitochkin

  • Make Live Streaming work with basic authentication or builder.

    Fixes #10984.

    Aaron Patterson

  • Always use Rack::Sendfileto make possible to it be automatically configured by the webserver.

    Fixes #11440.

    Martin Schürrer

  • Flag cookies as secure with ignore case in ActionDispatch::SSL.

    Yamagishi Kazutoshi

  • Don't include STS header in non-HTTPS responses.

    Geoff Buesing

  • Fix an issue where rails raise exception about missing helper where it should throw LoadError. When helper file exists and only loaded file from this helper does not exist rails should throw LoadError instead of MissingHelperError.

    Piotr Niełacny

  • Only cache template digests if config.cache_template_loading is true.

    Josh Lauer, Justin Ridgewell

  • Fix an issue where :ifand :unlesscontroller action procs were being run before checking for the correct action in the :onlyand :unlessoptions.

    Fixes #11799.

    Nicholas Jakobsen

  • Fix an issue where assert_dom_equaland assert_dom_not_equalwere ignoring the passed failure message argument.

    Fixes #11751.

    Ryan McGeary

  • Fix current_page?when the URL contains escaped characters and the original URL is using the hexadecimal lowercased.

    Rafael Mendonça França

  • Allow REMOTE_ADDR, HTTP_HOSTand HTTP_USER_AGENTto be overridden from the environment passed into ActionDispatch::TestRequest.new.

    Fixes #11590.

    Andrew White

  • Fix text_areato behave like text_fieldwhen nilis given as value.


    f.text_field :field, value: nil #=> <input value="">
    f.text_area :field, value: nil  #=> <textarea>value of field</textarea>


    f.text_area :field, value: nil  #=> <textarea></textarea>

    Joel Cogen

  • Fix an issue where Journey was failing to clear the named routes hash when the routes were reloaded and since it doesn't overwrite existing routes then if a route changed but wasn't renamed it kept the old definition. This was being masked by the optimised url helpers so it only became apparent when passing an options hash to the url helper.

    Andrew White

  • Skip routes pointing to a redirect or mounted application when generating urls using an options hash as they aren't relevant and generate incorrect urls.

    Fixes #8018.

    Andrew White

  • Fix default rendered format problem when calling render without :content_typeoption. It should return :html.

    Fixes #11393.

    Gleb Mazovetskiy, Oleg, kennyj

  • Fix ActionDispatch::ParamsParser#parse_formatted_parametersto rewind body input stream on parsing json params.

    Fixes #11345.

    Yuri Bol, Paul Nikitochkin

  • Fix link_towith block and url hashes.


    link_to(action: 'bar', controller: 'foo') { content_tag(:span, 'Example site') }
    # => "<a action=\"bar\" controller=\"foo\"><span>Example site</span></a>"


    link_to(action: 'bar', controller: 'foo') { content_tag(:span, 'Example site') }
    # => "<a href=\"/foo/bar\"><span>Example site</span></a>"

    Murahashi Sanemat Kenichi

  • Fix "Stack Level Too Deep" error when redering recursive partials.

    Fixes #11340.

    Rafael Mendonça França

  • Pick DateField DateTimeFieldand ColorFieldvalues from stringified options allowing use of symbol keys with helpers.

    Jon Rowe

  • Fix Mime::Type.parsewhen bad accepts header is looked up. Previously it was setting request.formatswith an array containing a nilvalue, which raised an error when setting the controller formats.

    Fixes #10965.


  • Always escape the result of link_to_unlessmethod.


    link_to_unless(true, '<b>Showing</b>', 'github.com')
    # => "<b>Showing</b>"


    link_to_unless(true, '<b>Showing</b>', 'github.com')
    # => "&lt;b&gt;Showing&lt;/b&gt;"


Rails 4.0.0 (June 25, 2013)

  • Merge :actionfrom routing scope and assign endpoint if both :controllerand :actionare present. The endpoint assignment only occurs if there is no :topresent in the options hash so should only affect routes using the shorthand syntax (i.e. endpoint is inferred from the the path).

    Fixes #9856

    Yves Senn, Andrew White

  • Use a case insensitive URI Regexp for asset_path.

    This fix a problem where the same asset path using different case are generating different URIs.


    # => "<img alt=\"Google\" src=\"/assets/HTTP://google.com\" />"
    # => "<img alt=\"Google\" src=\"http://google.com\" />"


    # => "<img alt=\"Google\" src=\"HTTP://google.com\" />"
    # => "<img alt=\"Google\" src=\"http://google.com\" />"

    David Celis

  • Add has_named_route?(route_name)to the mapper API.

    José Valim

  • Fix an issue where partials with a number in the filename weren't being digested for cache dependencies.

    Bryan Ricker

  • Add support for passing custom url options other than :host and custom status and flash options to force_ssl.

    Andrew White

  • The force_sslcommand now builds the redirect url from request.fullpath. This ensures that the format is maintained and it doesn't redirect to a route that has the same parameters but is defined earlier in routes.rb. Also any optional segments are maintained.

    Fixes #7528, #9061, #10305.

    Andrew White

  • Return a 405 Method Not Allowed response when a request contains an unknown HTTP method.

    Lewis Marshall

  • Add support for extracting the port from the :hostoption passed to url_for.

    Andrew White

  • Add support for removing the subdomain from a url by passing nil, falseor ''. Fixes #10180.

    Derek Watson + Andrew White

  • Element of the collection for options_from_collection_for_selecthelper can optionally contain html attributes as the last element of the array as options_for_selecthelper.

    Vasiliy Ermolovich

  • Fix explicit names on multiple file fields. If a file field tag has the multiple option, it is turned into an array field (appending []), but if an explicit name is passed to file_fieldthe []is not appended. Fixes #9830.

    Ryan McGeary

  • Add block support for the mail_tohelper, similar to the link_tohelper.

    Sam Pohlenz

  • Automatically configure cookie-based sessions to be encrypted if secret_key_baseis set, falling back to signed if only secret_tokenis set. Automatically upgrade existing signed cookie-based sessions from Rails 3.x to be encrypted if both secret_key_baseand secret_tokenare set, or signed with the new key generator if only secret_tokenis set. This leaves only the config.session_store :cookie_storeoption and removes the two new options introduced in 4.0.0.beta1: encrypted_cookie_storeand upgrade_signature_to_encryption_cookie_store.

    Trevor Turk

  • Ensure consistent fallback to the default layout lookup for layouts set using symbols or procs that return nil.

    All of the following layouts will result in the default layout lookup:

    layout nil
    layout proc { nil }
    layout :returns_nil
    def returns_nil

    Previously symbols and procs which returned nilresulted in no layout which differed from the layout nilbehavior. To get the "no layout" behavior just return falseinstead of nilfor layout.

    Chris Nicola

  • Create UpgradeLegacySignedCookieJarto transparently upgrade existing signed cookies generated by Rails 3.x to avoid invalidating them when upgrading to Rails 4.x.

    Trevor Turk + Neeraj Singh

  • Raise an ArgumentErrorwhen a clashing named route is defined.

    Trevor Turk

  • Allow default url options to accept host with protocol such as http://

    config.action_mailer.default_url_options = { host: "http://mydomain.com" }

    Richard Schneeman

  • Ensure that digest authentication responds with a 401 status when a basic header is received.

    Brad Dunbar

  • Include I18n locale fallbacks in view lookup. Fixes #3512.

    Juan Barreneche

  • Integration and functional tests allow headers and rack env variables to be passed when performing requests. Fixes #6513.


    # integration test
    get "/success", {}, "HTTP_REFERER" => "http://test.com/",
                        "Accepts" => "text/plain, text/html"
    # functional test
    @request.headers["Accepts"] = "text/plain, text/html"

    Yves Senn

  • Http::Headers respects headers that are not prefixed with HTTP_

    Yves Senn

  • Fix incorrectly appended square brackets to a multiple select box if an explicit name has been given and it already ends with "[]"


    select(:category, [], {}, multiple: true, name: "post[category][]")
    # => <select name="post[category][][]" ...>


    select(:category, [], {}, multiple: true, name: "post[category][]")
    # => <select name="post[category][]" ...>

    Olek Janiszewski

  • Fixed regression when using assert_templateto verify files sent using render file: 'README.md'. Fixes #9464.

    Justin Coyne

  • Fixed ActionView::Helpers::CaptureHelper#content_for regression when trying to use it in a boolean statement. Fixes #9360.

    Nikolay Shebanov

  • format: truedoes not override existing format constraints. Fixes #9466.


    # This will force the .json extension.
    get '/json_only', to: ok, format: true, constraints: { format: /json/ }

    Yves Senn

  • Skip valid encoding checks for non-String parameters that come from the matched route's defaults. Fixes #9435.


    root to: 'main#posts', page: 1

    Yves Senn

  • Don't verify Regexp requirements for non-Regexp :constraints. Fixes #9432.


    get '/photos.:format' => 'feeds#photos', constraints: {format: 'xml'}

    Yves Senn

  • Make ActionDispatch::Journey::Path::Pattern#newraise more meaningful exception message.

    Thierry Zires

  • Fix respond_tonot using formats that have no block if all is present. Michael Grosser

  • New applications use an encrypted session store by default.

    Santiago Pastorino

  • Determine the controller#action from only the matched path when using the shorthand syntax. Previously the complete path was used, which led to problems with nesting (scopes and namespaces). Fixes #7554.


    # This will route to questions#new.
    scope ':locale' do
      get 'questions/new'

    Yves Senn

  • Remove support for parsing XML parameters from request. If you still want to parse XML parameters, please install `actionpack-xml_parser' gem.

    Prem Sichanugrist

  • Remove support for parsing YAML parameters from request.

    Aaron Patterson

  • Add a message when you have no routes defined to both rake routes and GET “/rails/info/routes” that lets you know you have none defined and links to the Rails guide on the topic.

    Steve Klabnik

  • Change image_altmethod to replace underscores/hyphens to spaces in filenames.

    Previously, underscored filenames became alt="A_long_file_name_with_underscores"in HTML, which is poor for accessibility. For instance, Apple's VoiceOver Utility pronounces each underscore. A_long_file_namethus would be read as A underscore long underscore file underscore name.Now underscored or hyphenated filenames (both of which are very popular naming conventions) read more naturally in screen readers by converting both hyphens and underscores to spaces.


    # => <img alt="Underscored_file_name" src="/assets/underscored_file_name.png" />


    # => <img alt="Underscored file name" src="/assets/underscored_file_name.png" />

    Nick Cox

  • We don't support Ruby constant notation in the :controller option for route definitions. So, this raises an ArgumentError now:

    resources :posts, controller: "Admin::Posts" # WRONG

    Use path notation instead:

    resources :posts, controller: "admin/posts" # RIGHT

    Yves Senn

  • assert_templatecan be used to verify the locals of partials, which live inside a directory.

    # Prefixed partials inside directories worked and still work.
    assert_template partial: 'directory/_partial', locals: {name: 'John'}
    # This did not work but does now.
    assert_template partial: 'directory/partial', locals: {name: 'John'}

    Fixes #8516.

    Yves Senn

  • Fix content_tag_forwith array HTML option. It would embed array as string instead of joining it like content_tagdoes:

    content_tag(:td, class: ["foo", "bar"]){}
    # => <td class="foo bar"></td>


    content_tag_for(:td, item, class: ["foo", "bar"])
    # => <td class="item [&quot;foo&quot;, &quot;bar&quot;]" id="item_1"></td>


    content_tag_for(:td, item, class: ["foo", "bar"])
    # => <td class="item foo bar" id="item_1"></td>

    Semyon Perepelitsa

  • Remove BestStandardsSupportmiddleware, !DOCTYPE html already triggers standards mode per msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/jj676915(v=vs.85).aspx and ChromeFrame header has been moved to config.action_dispatch.default_headers

    Guillermo Iguaran

  • Fix CSRF protection and current_url?helper to work with HEAD requests now that ActionDispatch::Headhas been removed in favor of Rack::Head.

    Michiel Sikkes

  • Change asset_pathto not include SCRIPT_NAMEwhen it's used from a mounted engine. Fixes #8119.

    Piotr Sarnacki

  • Add JavaScript based routing path matcher to /rails/info/routes. Routes can now be filtered by whether or not they match a path.

    Richard Schneeman

  • Change the behavior of route defaults so that explicit defaults are no longer required where the key is not part of the path. For example:

    resources :posts, bucket_type: 'posts'

    will be required whenever constructing the url from a hash such as a functional test or using url_fordirectly. However using the explicit form alters the behavior so it's not required:

    resources :projects, defaults: { bucket_type: 'projects' }

    This changes existing behavior slightly in that any routes which only differ in their defaults will match the first route rather than the closest match.

    Andrew White

  • Add support for routing constraints other than Regexp and String. For example this now allows the use of arrays like this:

    get '/foo/:action', to: 'foo', constraints: { subdomain: %w[www admin] }

    or constraints where the request method returns an Fixnum like this:

    get '/foo', to: 'foo#index', constraints: { port: 8080 }

    Note that this only applies to constraints on the request - path constraints still need to be specified as Regexps as the various constraints are compiled into a single Regexp.

    Andrew White

  • Fix a bug in integration tests where setting the port via a url passed to the process method was ignored when constructing the request environment.

    Andrew White

  • Allow :selectedto be set on date_selecttag helper.

    Colin Burn-Murdoch

  • Fixed JSON params parsing regression for non-object JSON content.

    Dylan Smith

  • Extract ActionDispatch::PerformanceTestinto github.com/rails/rails-perftest You can add the gem to your Gemfile to keep using performance tests.

    gem 'rails-perftest'

    Yves Senn

  • Added view_cache_dependency API for declaring dependencies that affect cache digest computation.

    Jamis Buck

  • image_submit_tagwill set altattribute from image source if not specified.

    Nihad Abbasov

  • Do not generate local variables for partials without object or collection. Previously rendering a partial without giving :objector :collectionwould generate a local variable with the partial name by default.

    Carlos Antonio da Silva

  • Return the last valid, non-private IP address from the X-Forwarded-For, Client-IP and Remote-Addr headers, in that order. Document the rationale for that decision, and describe the options that can be passed to the RemoteIp middleware to change it. Fixes #7979.

    André Arko, Steve Klabnik, Alexey Gaziev

  • Do not append second slash to root_urlwhen using trailing_slash: trueFixes #8700.


    root_url(trailing_slash: true) # => http://test.host//


    root_url(trailing_slash: true) # => http://test.host/

    Yves Senn

  • Allow to toggle dumps on error pages.

    Gosha Arinich

  • Fix a bug in content_tag_forthat prevents it from working without a block.


  • Change the stylesheet of exception pages for development mode. Additionally display also the line of code and fragment that raised the exception in all exceptions pages.

    Guillermo Iguaran + Jorge Cuadrado

  • Do not append charset=parameter when headis called with a :content_typeoption. Fixes #8661.

    Yves Senn

  • Added Mime::NullTypeclass. This allows to use html?, xml?, json?, etc. when the format of the request is unknown, without raising an exception.

    Angelo Capilleri

  • Integrate the Journey gem into Action Dispatch so that the global namespace is not polluted with names that may be used as models.

    Andrew White

  • Extract support for email address obfuscation via :encode, :replace_at, and replace_dotoptions from the mail_tohelper into the actionview-encoded_mail_togem.

    Nick Reed + DHH

  • Handle :protocoloption in stylesheet_link_tag and javascript_include_tag

    Vasiliy Ermolovich

  • Clear url helper methods when routes are reloaded. Andrew White

  • Fix a bug in ActionDispatch::Request#raw_postthat caused env['rack.input']to be read but not rewound.

    Matt Venables

  • Prevent raising EOFErroron multipart GET request (IE issue). Adam Stankiewicz

  • Rename all action callbacks from * filter to *action to avoid the misconception that these callbacks are only suited for transforming or halting the response. With the new style, it's more inviting to use them as they were intended, like setting shared ivars for views.


    class PeopleController < ActionController::Base
      before_action :set_person,      except: [:index, :new, :create]
      before_action :ensure_permission, only: [:edit, :update]
        def set_person
          @person = current_account.people.find(params[:id])
        def ensure_permission

    The old *_filter methods still work with no deprecation notice.


  • Add cache_ifand cache_unlessfor conditional fragment caching:


    <%= cache_if condition, project do %>
      <b>All the topics on this project</b>
      <%= render project.topics %>
    <% end %>
    # and
    <%= cache_unless condition, project do %>
      <b>All the topics on this project</b>
      <%= render project.topics %>
    <% end %>

    Stephen Ausman + Fabrizio Regini + Angelo Capilleri

  • Add logging filter capability for redirect URLs:

    config.filter_redirect << 'http://please.hide.it/'

    Fabrizio Regini

  • Fixed a bug that ignores constraints on a glob route. This was caused because the constraint regular expression is overwritten when the routes.rbfile is processed. Fixes #7924

    Maura Fitzgerald

  • More descriptive error messages when calling render :partial with an invalid :layoutargument.

    Fixes #8376.

    render partial: 'partial', layout: true
    # results in ActionView::MissingTemplate: Missing partial /true

    Yves Senn

  • Sweepers was extracted from Action Controller as rails-observersgem.

    Rafael Mendonça França

  • Add option flag to CacheHelper#cacheto manually bypass automatic template digests:

    <% cache project, skip_digest: true do %>
    <% end %>

    Drew Ulmer

  • Do not sort Hash options in grouped_options_for_select. Sergey Kojin

  • Accept symbols as send_data :dispositionvalue Elia Schito

  • Add i18n scope to distance_of_time_in_words. Steve Klabnik

  • assert_template:

    • is no more passing with empty string.

    • is now validating option keys. It accepts: :layout, :partial, :localsand :count.

    Roberto Soares

  • Allow setting a symbol as path in scope on routes. This is now allowed:

    scope :api do
      resources :users

    It is also possible to pass multiple symbols to scope to shorten multiple nested scopes:

    scope :api do
      scope :v1 do
        resources :users

    can be rewritten as:

    scope :api, :v1 do
      resources :users

    Guillermo Iguaran + Amparo Luna

  • Fix error when using a non-hash query argument named "params" in url_for.


    url_for(params: "") # => undefined method `reject!' for "":String


    url_for(params: "") # => http://www.example.com?params=

    tumayun + Carlos Antonio da Silva

  • Render every partial with a new ActionView::PartialRenderer. This resolves issues when rendering nested partials. Fixes #8197.

    Yves Senn

  • Introduce ActionView::Template::Handlers::ERB.escape_whitelist. This is a list of mime types where template text is not html escaped by default. It prevents Jack & Joefrom rendering as Jack &amp; Joe for the whitelisted mime types. The default whitelist contains text/plain. Fixes #7976.

    Joost Baaij

  • Fix input name when multiple: trueand :indexare set.


    check_box("post", "comment_ids", { multiple: true, index: "foo" }, 1)
    # => <input name=\"post[foo][comment_ids]\" type=\"hidden\" value=\"0\" /><input id=\"post_foo_comment_ids_1\" name=\"post[foo][comment_ids]\" type=\"checkbox\" value=\"1\" />


    check_box("post", "comment_ids", { multiple: true, index: "foo" }, 1)
    # => <input name=\"post[foo][comment_ids][]\" type=\"hidden\" value=\"0\" /><input id=\"post_foo_comment_ids_1\" name=\"post[foo][comment_ids][]\" type=\"checkbox\" value=\"1\" />

    Fixes #8108.

    Daniel Fox, Grant Hutchins & Trace Wax

  • date_selecthelper accepts with_css_classes: true to add css classes similar with type of generated select tags.

    Pavel Nikitin

  • Only non-js/css under app/assetspath will be included in default config.assets.precompile.

    Josh Peek

  • Remove support for the RAILS_ASSET_IDenvironment configuration (no longer needed now that we have the asset pipeline).

    Josh Peek

  • Remove old asset_pathconfiguration (no longer needed now that we have the asset pipeline).

    Josh Peek

  • assert_templatecan be used to assert on the same template with different locals Fixes #3675.

    Yves Senn

  • Remove old asset tag concatenation (no longer needed now that we have the asset pipeline).

    Josh Peek

  • Accept :remoteas symbolic option for link_to helper. Riley Lynch

  • Warn when the :localsoption is passed to assert_templateoutside of a view test case Fixes #3415.

    Yves Senn

  • The Rack::Cachemiddleware is now disabled by default. To enable it, set config.action_dispatch.rack_cache = trueand add gem rack-cacheto your Gemfile.

    Guillermo Iguaran

  • ActionController::Base.page_cache_extensionoption is deprecated in favour of ActionController::Base.default_static_extension.

    Francesco Rodriguez

  • Action and Page caching has been extracted from Action Dispatch as actionpack-action_cachingand actionpack-page_cachinggems. Please read the README.mdfile on both gems for the usage.

    Francesco Rodriguez

  • Failsafe exception returns text/plain. Steve Klabnik

  • Rename internal variables on ActionController::TemplateAssertionsto prevent naming collisions. @partials, @templatesand @layoutsare now prefixed with an underscore. Fixes #7459.

    Yves Senn

  • resourceand resourcesdon't modify the passed options hash. Fixes #7777.

    Yves Senn

  • Precompiled assets include aliases from foo.jsto foo/index.jsand vice versa.

    # Precompiles phone-<digest>.css and aliases phone/index.css to phone.css.
    config.assets.precompile = [ 'phone.css' ]
    # Precompiles phone/index-<digest>.css and aliases phone.css to phone/index.css.
    config.assets.precompile = [ 'phone/index.css' ]
    # Both of these work with either precompile thanks to their aliases.
    <%= stylesheet_link_tag 'phone', media: 'all' %>
    <%= stylesheet_link_tag 'phone/index', media: 'all' %>

    Jeremy Kemper

  • assert_templateis no more passing with what ever string that matches with the template name.

    Before when we have a template /layout/hello.html.erb, assert_templatewas passing with any string that matches. This behavior allowed false positive like:

    assert_template "layout"
    assert_template "out/hello"

    Now it only passes with:

    assert_template "layout/hello"
    assert_template "hello"

    Fixes #3849.


  • image_tagwill set the same width and height for image if numerical value passed to sizeoption.

    Nihad Abbasov

  • Deprecate Mime::Type#verify_request?and Mime::Type.browser_generated_types, since they are no longer used inside of Rails, they will be removed in Rails 4.1.

    Michael Grosser

  • ActionDispatch::Http::UploadedFilenow delegates closeto its tempfile. Sergio Gil

  • Add ActionController::StrongParameters, this module converts paramshash into an instance of ActionController::Parameters that allows whitelisting of permitted parameters. Non-permitted parameters are forbidden to be used in Active Model by default For more details check the documentation of the module or the strong_parameters gem

    DHH + Guillermo Iguaran

  • Remove Integration between attr_accessible/ attr_protectedand ActionController::ParamsWrapper. ParamWrapper now wraps all the parameters returned by the class method attribute_names.

    Guillermo Iguaran

  • Log now displays the correct status code when an exception is raised. Fixes #7646.

    Yves Senn

  • Allow pass couple extensions to ActionView::Template.register_template_handlercall.

    Tima Maslyuchenko

  • Sprockets integration has been extracted from Action Pack to the sprockets-railsgem. railsgem is depending on sprockets-railsby default.

    Guillermo Iguaran

  • ActionDispatch::Session::MemCacheStorenow uses dalliinstead of the deprecated memcache-client gem.

    Arun Agrawal + Guillermo Iguaran

  • Support multiple etags in If-None-Match header. Travis Warlick

  • Allow to configure how unverified request will be handled using :withoption in protect_from_forgerymethod.

    Valid unverified request handling methods are:

    • :exception- Raises ActionController::InvalidAuthenticityToken exception.

    • :reset_session- Resets the session.

    • :null_session- Provides an empty session during request but doesn't reset it completely. Used as default if :with option is not specified.

    New applications are generated with:

    protect_from_forgery with: :exception

    Sergey Nartimov

  • Add .rubytemplate handler, this handler simply allows arbitrary Ruby code as a template. Guillermo Iguaran

  • Add separatoroption for ActionView::Helpers::TextHelper#excerpt:

    excerpt('This is a very beautiful morning', 'very', separator: ' ', radius: 1)
    # => ...a very beautiful...

    Guirec Corbel

  • Added controller-level etag additions that will be part of the action etag computation Jeremy Kemper/DHH

    class InvoicesController < ApplicationController
      etag { current_user.try :id }
      def show
        # Etag will differ even for the same invoice when it's viewed by a different current_user
        @invoice = Invoice.find(params[:id])
  • Add automatic template digests to all CacheHelper#cachecalls (originally spiked in the cache_digestsplugin) DHH

  • When building a URL fails, add missing keys provided by Journey. Failed URL generation now returns a 500 status instead of a 404.

    Richard Schneeman

  • Deprecate availability of ActionView::RecordIdentifierin controllers by default. It's view specific and can be easily included in controllers manually if someone really needs it. Also deprecate calling ActionController::RecordIdentifier.dom_idand dom_classdirectly, in favor of ActionView::RecordIdentifier.dom_idand dom_class. RecordIdentifierwill be removed from ActionController::Basein Rails 4.1.

    Piotr Sarnacki

  • Fix ActionView::RecordIdentifierto work as a singleton. Piotr Sarnacki

  • Deprecate Template#mime_type, it will be removed in Rails 4.1 in favor of #type. Piotr Sarnacki

  • Move vendored html-scanner from action_controllerto action_viewdirectory. If you require it directly, please use 'action_view/vendor/html-scanner', reference to 'action_controller/vendor/html-scanner' will be removed in Rails 4.1. Piot Sarnacki

  • Fix handling of date selects when using both disabled and discard options. Fixes #7431.

    Vasiliy Ermolovich

  • ActiveRecord::SessionStoreis extracted out of Rails into a gem activerecord-session_store. Setting config.session_storeto :active_record_storewill no longer work and will break if the activerecord-session_storegem isn't available. Prem Sichanugrist

  • Fix select_tagwhen option_tagsis nil. Fixes #7404.

    Sandeep Ravichandran

  • Add Request#formats=(extensions)that lets you set multiple formats directly in a prioritized order.

    Example of using this for custom iphone views with an HTML fallback:

    class ApplicationController < ActionController::Base
      before_filter :adjust_format_for_iphone_with_html_fallback
        def adjust_format_for_iphone_with_html_fallback
          request.formats = [ :iphone, :html ] if request.env["HTTP_USER_AGENT"][/iPhone/]


  • Add Routing Concerns to declare common routes that can be reused inside others resources and routes.

    Code before:

    resources :messages do
      resources :comments
    resources :posts do
      resources :comments
      resources :images, only: :index

    Code after:

    concern :commentable do
      resources :comments
    concern :image_attachable do
      resources :images, only: :index
    resources :messages, concerns: :commentable
    resources :posts, concerns: [:commentable, :image_attachable]

    DHH + Rafael Mendonça França

  • Add start_hourand end_houroptions to the select_hourhelper. Evan Tann

  • Raises an ArgumentErrorwhen the first argument in form_forcontain nilor is empty.

    Richard Schneeman

  • Add 'X-Frame-Options' => 'SAMEORIGIN' 'X-XSS-Protection' => '1; mode=block' and 'X-Content-Type-Options' => 'nosniff' as default headers.

    Egor Homakov

  • Allow data attributes to be set as a first-level option for form_for, so you can write form_for @record, data: { behavior: 'autosave' }instead of form_for @record, html: { data: { behavior: 'autosave' } } DHH

  • Deprecate button_to_functionand link_to_function helpers.

    We recommend the use of Unobtrusive JavaScript instead. For example:

    link_to "Greeting", "#", class: "nav_link"
    $(function() {
      $('.nav_link').click(function() {
        // Some complex code
        return false;


    link_to "Greeting", '#', onclick: "alert('Hello world!'); return false", class: "nav_link"

    for simple cases.

    Rafael Mendonça França

  • javascript_include_tag :allwill now not include application.jsif the file does not exists. Prem Sichanugrist

  • Send an empty response body when call headwith status between 100 and 199, 204, 205 or 304.

    Armand du Plessis

  • Fixed issue with where digest authentication would not work behind a proxy. Arthur Smith

  • Added ActionController::Live. Mix it in to your controller and you can stream data to the client live. For example:

    class FooController < ActionController::Base
      include ActionController::Live
      def index
        100.times {
          # Client will see this as it's written
          response.stream.write "hello world\n"
          sleep 1

    Aaron Patterson

  • Remove ActionDispatch::Headmiddleware in favor of Rack::Head. Santiago Pastorino

  • Deprecate :confirmin favor of data: { confirm: "Text" }option for button_to, button_tag, image_submit_tag, link_toand submit_taghelpers.

    Carlos Galdino + Rafael Mendonça França

  • Show routes in exception page while debugging a RoutingError in development.

    Richard Schneeman + Mattt Thompson + Yves Senn

  • Add ActionController::Flash.add_flash_typesmethod to allow people to register their own flash types. e.g.:

    class ApplicationController
      add_flash_types :error, :warning

    If you add the above code, you can use <%= error %>in an erb, and redirect_to /foo, error: 'message'in a controller.


  • Remove Active Model dependency from Action Pack. Guillermo Iguaran

  • Support unicode characters in routes. Route will be automatically escaped, so instead of manually escaping:

    get Rack::Utils.escape('こんにちは') => 'home#index'

    You just have to write the unicode route:

    get 'こんにちは' => 'home#index'


  • Return proper format on exceptions. Santiago Pastorino

  • Allow to use mounted_helpers(helpers for accessing mounted engines) in ActionView::TestCase. Piotr Sarnacki

  • Include mounted_helpers(helpers for accessing mounted engines) in ActionDispatch::IntegrationTestby default. Piotr Sarnacki

  • Extracted redirect logic from ActionController::ForceSSL::ClassMethods.force_sslinto ActionController::ForceSSL#force_ssl_redirect

    Jeremy Friesen

  • Make possible to use a block in button_toif the button text is hard to fit into the name parameter, e.g.:

    <%= button_to [:make_happy, @user] do %>
      Make happy <strong><%= @user.name %></strong>
    <% end %>
    # => "<form method="post" action="/users/1/make_happy" class="button_to">
    #      <div>
    #        <button type="submit">
    #          Make happy <strong>Name</strong>
    #        </button>
    #      </div>
    #    </form>"

    Sergey Nartimov

  • Change a way of ordering helpers from several directories. Previously, when loading helpers from multiple paths, all of the helpers files were gathered into one array an then they were sorted. Helpers from different directories should not be mixed before loading them to make loading more predictable. The most common use case for such behavior is loading helpers from engines. When you load helpers from application and engine Foo, in that order, first rails will load all of the helpers from application, sorted alphabetically and then it will do the same for Foo engine.

    Piotr Sarnacki

  • truncatenow always returns an escaped HTML-safe string. The option :escapecan be used as false to not escape the result.

    Li Ellis Gallardo + Rafael Mendonça França

  • truncatenow accepts a block to show extra content when the text is truncated. Li Ellis Gallardo

  • Add week_field, week_field_tag, month_field, month_field_tag, datetime_local_field, datetime_local_field_tag, datetime_fieldand datetime_field_taghelpers. Carlos Galdino

  • Add color_fieldand color_field_taghelpers. Carlos Galdino

  • assert_generates, assert_recognizes, and assert_routingall raise Assertioninstead of RoutingError David Chelimsky

  • URL path parameters with invalid encoding now raise ActionController::BadRequest. Andrew White

  • Malformed query and request parameter hashes now raise ActionController::BadRequest. Andrew White

  • Add divideroption to grouped_options_for_select to generate a separator optgroupautomatically, and deprecate promptas third argument, in favor of using an options hash. Nicholas Greenfield

  • Add time_fieldand time_field_taghelpers which render an input[type="time"]tag. Alex Soulim

  • Removed old text helper apis from highlight, excerptand word_wrap. Jeremy Walker

  • Templates without a handler extension now raises a deprecation warning but still defaults to ERB. In future releases, it will simply return the template contents. Steve Klabnik

  • Deprecate :disable_within favor of data: { disable_with: "Text" }option from submit_tag, button_tagand button_to helpers.

    Carlos Galdino + Rafael Mendonça França

  • Remove :mouseoveroption from image_taghelper. Rafael Mendonça França

  • The selectmethod (select tag) forces :include_blankif requiredis true and display sizeis one and multipleis not true. Angelo Capilleri

  • Copy literal route constraints to defaults so that url generation know about them. The copied constraints are :protocol, :subdomain, :domain, :hostand :port.

    Andrew White

  • respond_toand respond_withnow raise ActionController::UnknownFormatinstead of directly returning head 406. The exception is rescued and converted to 406 in the exception handling middleware. Steven Soroka

  • Allows assert_redirected_toto match against a regular expression. Andy Lindeman

  • Add backtrace to development routing error page. Richard Schneeman

  • Replace include_secondsboolean argument with include_seconds: trueoption in distance_of_time_in_wordsand time_ago_in_words signature. Dmitriy Kiriyenko

  • Make current object and counter (when it applies) variables accessible when rendering templates with :object / :collection. Carlos Antonio da Silva

  • JSONP now uses mimetype text/javascriptinstead of application/json. omjokine

  • Allow to lazy load default_form_builderby passing a Stringinstead of a constant. Piotr Sarnacki

  • Session arguments passed to processcalls in functional tests are now merged into the existing session, whereas previously they would replace the existing session. This change may break some existing tests if they are asserting the exact contents of the session but should not break existing tests that only assert individual keys.

    Andrew White

  • In the routes DSL the :viaoption of matchis now mandatory.

    For routes that respond to one single verb it is recommended to use the more specific macros get, post, etc. instead. You can still map all HTTP verbs to one action with match, but it has to be explictly configured using :via => :all.

    José Valim and Yehuda Katz

  • Add indexmethod to FormBuilder class. Jorge Bejar

  • Remove the leading n added by textarea on assert_select. Santiago Pastorino

  • Changed default value for config.action_view.embed_authenticity_token_in_remote_formsto false. This change breaks remote forms that need to work also without JavaScript, so if you need such behavior, you can either set it to trueor explicitly pass authenticity_token: true in form options.

  • Added ActionDispatch::SSLmiddleware that when included force all the requests to be under HTTPS protocol. Rafael Mendonça França

  • Add include_hiddenoption to select tag. With include_hidden: falseselect with multiple attribute doesn't generate hidden input with blank value. Vasiliy Ermolovich

  • Removed default sizeoption from the text_field, search_field, telephone_field, url_field, email_fieldhelpers. Philip Arndt

  • Removed default colsand rowsoptions from the text_areahelper. Philip Arndt

  • Adds support for layouts when rendering a partial with a given collection. serabe

  • Allows the route helper rootto take a string argument. For example, root 'pages#main'. bcardarella

  • Forms of persisted records use always PATCH (via the _method hack). fxn

  • For resources, both PATCH and PUT are routed to the update action. fxn

  • Don't ignore force_sslin development. This is a change of behavior - use a :ifcondition to recreate the old behavior.

    class AccountsController < ApplicationController
      force_ssl if: :ssl_configured?
      def ssl_configured?

    Pat Allan

  • Adds support for the PATCH verb:

    • Request objects respond to patch?.

    • Routes have a new patchmethod, and understand :patchin the existing places where a verb is configured, like :via.

    • New method patchavailable in functional tests.

    • If :patchis the default verb for updates, edits are tunneled as PATCH rather than as PUT, and routing acts accordingly.

    • New method patch_via_redirectavailable in integration tests.


  • expires_inaccepts a must_revalidateflag. If true, “must-revalidate” is added to the Cache-Control header. fxn

  • Add date_fieldand date_field_taghelpers which render an input[type="date"]tag Olek Janiszewski

  • Adds image_url, javascript_url, stylesheet_url, audio_url, video_url, and font_urlto assets tag helper. These URL helpers will return the full path to your assets. This is useful when you are going to reference this asset from external host. Prem Sichanugrist

  • Default responder will now always use your overridden block in respond_withto render your response. Prem Sichanugrist

  • Allow value_methodand text_methodarguments from collection_selectand options_from_collection_for_selectto receive an object that responds to :call, such as a proc, to evaluate the option in the current element context. This works the same way with collection_radio_buttonsand collection_check_boxes.

    Carlos Antonio da Silva + Rafael Mendonça França

  • Add collection_check_boxesform helper, similar to collection_select: Example:

    collection_check_boxes :post, :author_ids, Author.all, :id, :name
    # Outputs something like:
    <input id="post_author_ids_1" name="post[author_ids][]" type="checkbox" value="1" />
    <label for="post_author_ids_1">D. Heinemeier Hansson</label>
    <input id="post_author_ids_2" name="post[author_ids][]" type="checkbox" value="2" />
    <label for="post_author_ids_2">D. Thomas</label>
    <input name="post[author_ids][]" type="hidden" value="" />

    The label/check_box pairs can be customized with a block.

    Carlos Antonio da Silva + Rafael Mendonça França

  • Add collection_radio_buttonsform helper, similar to collection_select: Example:

    collection_radio_buttons :post, :author_id, Author.all, :id, :name
    # Outputs something like:
    <input id="post_author_id_1" name="post[author_id]" type="radio" value="1" />
    <label for="post_author_id_1">D. Heinemeier Hansson</label>
    <input id="post_author_id_2" name="post[author_id]" type="radio" value="2" />
    <label for="post_author_id_2">D. Thomas</label>

    The label/radio_button pairs can be customized with a block.

    Carlos Antonio da Silva + Rafael Mendonça França

  • check_boxwith :formhtml5 attribute will now replicate the :formattribute to the hidden field as well. Carlos Antonio da Silva

  • labelform helper accepts for: nilto not generate the attribute. Carlos Antonio da Silva

  • Add :formatoption to number_to_percentage. Rodrigo Flores

  • Add config.action_view.loggerto configure logger for Action View. Rafael Mendonça França

  • Deprecated ActionController::Integrationin favour of ActionDispatch::Integration.

  • Deprecated ActionController::IntegrationTestin favour of ActionDispatch::IntegrationTest.

  • Deprecated ActionController::PerformanceTestin favour of ActionDispatch::PerformanceTest.

  • Deprecated ActionController::AbstractRequestin favour of ActionDispatch::Request.

  • Deprecated ActionController::Requestin favour of ActionDispatch::Request.

  • Deprecated ActionController::AbstractResponsein favour of ActionDispatch::Response.

  • Deprecated ActionController::Responsein favour of ActionDispatch::Response.

  • Deprecated ActionController::Routingin favour of ActionDispatch::Routing.

  • check_box helperwith disabled: truewill generate a disabled hidden field to conform with the HTML convention where disabled fields are not submitted with the form. This is a behavior change, previously the hidden tag had a value of the disabled checkbox. Tadas Tamosauskas

  • favicon_link_taghelper will now use the favicon in app/assets by default. Lucas Caton

  • ActionView::Helpers::TextHelper#highlightnow defaults to the HTML5 markelement. Brian Cardarella

Please check 3-2-stable for previous changes.