ActiveRecord model used to store actual translations to the database.

This model expects a table like the following to be already set up in your the database:

create_table :translations do |t|
  t.string :locale
  t.string :key
  t.text   :value
  t.text   :interpolations
  t.boolean :is_proc, :default => false

This model supports to named scopes :locale and :lookup. The :locale scope simply adds a condition for a given locale:

# => all translation records that belong to the :en locale

The :lookup scope adds a condition for looking up all translations that either start with the given keys (joined by an optionally given separator or I18n.default_separator) or that exactly have this key.

# with translations present for :"" and :"foo.baz"
# => an array with both translation records :"" and :"foo.baz"
I18n::Backend::ActiveRecord::Translation.lookup([:foo, :bar])
# => an array with the translation record :""

When the StoreProcs module was mixed into this model then Procs will be stored to the database as Ruby code and evaluated when :value is called.

Translation = I18n::Backend::ActiveRecord::Translation
Translation.create    :locale => 'en'
  :key    => 'foo'
  :value  => lambda { |key, options| 'FOO' }
Translation.find_by_locale_and_key('en', 'foo').value
# => 'FOO'
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